IELTS Downloads1. IELTS Speaking Topics

IELTS Speaking Topics

Download IELTS Speaking Topics Free

2. IELTS Writing Topics

IELTS Writing Topics

Download IELTS Writing Topics Free

3. IELTS Writing Lists

IELTS Writing Lists

Download IELTS Writing Lists Free

4. IELTS Students Writing Samples

IELTS Students Writing Samples

Download IELTS Students Writing Samples Free

5. IELTS - Plague words or Phrases

IELTS - Plague words or Phrases

Download IELTS - Plague words or Phrases Free

6. IELTS Essays

IELTS Essays

Download IELTS Essays Free

7. IELTS Listening

IELTS Listening

Download IELTS Listening Free

8. Academic Reading IELTS

Academic Reading IELTS

Download Academic Reading IELTS Free

9. IELTS Handbook

IELTS Handbook

Download IELTS Handbook Free

10. IELTS Graph-writing guideIELTS Graph-writing guide: This includes sample question, key-vocab, guided writing exercise, sample answer and teaching ideas. All designed with black and white printers in mind.

Download IELTS Graph-writing guide Free

11. IELTS Graphs Advanced Vocab

IELTS Graphs Advanced Vocab: An exercise to build vocabulary for IELTS task 1 when describing graphs.

Download IELTS Graphs Advanced Vocab Free

12. IELTS Graphs Advanced Vocab - 2

IELTS Graphs Advanced Vocab - 2

Download IELTS Graphs Advanced Vocab - 2 Free

13. IELTS Writing Topic Guide

IELTS Writing Topic Guide: Guide to likely topics in the IELTS writing exam part 2

Download IELTS Writing Topic Guide Free

14. IELTS Essay - How to Write An Introduction

IELTS Essay - How to Write An Introduction: This guide shows you how to write introductions when in an exam such as IELTs and when doing an assignment.

Download IELTS Essay - How to Write An Introduction Free

15. IELTS Quiz


Download IELTS Quiz Free

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